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This guy Glenn Harms is the last guy in the world you want to do business with.He did an inspection for us and never gave us the report, after weeks of our mortgage company and realtor calling so we can to get him to give us the report we finally had to give up.

I called him many times and so did my husband he did not respond to any of our calls. He totally stole our money as far as we are concerned ,we could not even get a hold of him to ask for our money back . I have never dealt with such an unscrupulous business in my life. It is obvious Glenn Harms owner and the inspector from Sac Valley Home Inspections does not care about his reputation.He failed to deliver what he promises.

We had to shell out money for another inspector.He is at this time also opening another business as inspector and repair. Stay clear from this man unless you want to throw your money away. I hope this man never gets another client. My advise to whoever is looking for an inspector is to do your homework first and find a reputable Home Inspector.

Many states require licensing or registration of inspectors. If you're in one of those states, make sure your inspector is licensed or registered. If not, you may want to check whether the inspector belongs to a national organization, such as the National Association of Home Inspectors or the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Get one also that carries errors-and-omissions insurance to cover possible claims from aggrieved customers.Don't assume that someone recommended by your real-estate agent is the best bet he may not be ,ask friends for recommendations of inspectors known to be thorough and alert.

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I wish I read this post before doing business with Glenn Harms.He is truly a *** artist.

He took my money and didn't deliver.

But, payback is a ***.I hope Glenn has been filing his tax returns properly.

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